Create Ease and Grace

At Sacred Fortune we offer Pregnancy Acupuncture in a loving and safe space throughout your entire pregnancy. We are committed to providing exceptional services for your ever-evolving health needs, freeing you up to rest and connect with your baby during this sacred time.

Acupuncture is a wonderfully time-tested tool to help prepare you physically and emotionally for labor, and the birth of your baby. Each session is a team effort, as we work together to bring your nervous system into balance and address any concerns that may arise - helping set the stage for a more relaxed and joyful pregnancy experience.


The Trimesters

First trimester treatments support the new changes happening in your body. Areas of focus may include easing nausea, headaches and fatigue.

During your second trimester, treatments generally shift to emphasize supporting healthy patterns of sleep, digestion and stress-response - allowing you to feel more comfort and ease in your body as your baby grows.

Third trimester treatments are centered around providing you with nourishment and support as you carry your baby to term. Treatments focus on easing discomfort and maintaining a peaceful state of mind, as your body prepares for labor and the arrival of your newborn.

scientific support for Acupuncture

Research shows that pre-birth Acupuncture shortens the time spent in labor, and significantly reduces medical induction and C-section rates. Weekly Acupuncture treatments, starting at week 35 of your pregnancy help prepare your body for birth by increasing blood flow to the pelvis and promoting cervical ripening.



After your baby is born, Acupuncture Treatments offer mind-body support during this time of healing. Our Post-Pregnancy sessions are designed to rejuvenate and replenish your energy stores - allowing you to fully bond with, and enjoy your newborn. Our Postpartum Acupuncture Treatments address hormonal changes, milk production, muscle tonicity, irregular sleep cycles, depression, anxiety, and fatigue.


Special Care during a sacred Time



Initial Acupuncture Visit

90 minutes | $175

Follow Up Acupuncture visit

60 minutes | $135


Sacred Fortune Labor Preparation

Week 35-40

5 Weekly acupuncture treatments to prepare you for an efficient labor and birth

Emotional, physical and informational support before, during and after birth

Phone, text and email availability before and after baby arrives

Postpartum Referrals

I have been seeing Mechelle for regular treatments for almost two years and she has helped me through pregnancy, post-partum and now as I am trying to conceive baby number 2!
— C.K.