Dr Mechelle Greenspan is truly amazing. I first started getting acupuncture from her during my first pregnancy four years ago. It kept my body feeling great, and I believe it was a tremendous help with my labor and recovery. Throughout motherhood I developed terrible shoulder pain, and I tried massage and chiropractic therapy yet neither helped with the pain. After a few treatments with Mechelle the pain was gone. From keeping my hormones balanced, to getting rid of pain and fatigue, she really does it all. I now try and get acupuncture from her once a week because it’s how I’m sure to feel my absolute best! I would highly recommend her!
— L.R.

“Mechelle has been an amazing presence in my life. Always caring and compassionate about my concerns and issues. She has great knowledge about the female body and reproductive system. I have gotten pregnant after seeing Mechelle after a pregnancy loss at 37. She helped to get my cycle regulated and ready to conceive. I will continue to see her through out my next pregnancy.”
– M.L.

“Mechelle possesses everything you would want in a holistic healer. First and foremost, she “really” cares about helping people. Combined with a curious and intuitive nature, you have one exceptional practitioner."
– V.K.


“I have PCOS and I started treatment with Mechelle because I wanted to get pregnant without medication. She was very positive, nurturing and took the time to provide me holistic treatment (diet, herbs, cupping and acupuncture). Mechelle gave me some great tips on how to make better choices regarding my health and how to prepare myself for a baby. Now I have a 1 year old, very healthy son that shares a birthday with her. "
– J.T.

“I started coming to Mechelle a little over a year ago. After visiting a handful of doctors who couldn't seem to pinpoint a solution for some ongoing immunity and adrenal burnout issues, I decided to try the acupuncture route. I am really scared of needles, but Mechelle is incredibly gentle and after a while, I actually started to enjoy it. Prior to having regular treatments from Mechelle, I was getting sick every couple weeks for about 8 months. Since she started working with me, I have gotten sick only one time. To me, this is practically a miracle. I would highly recommend Mechelle for anyone struggling with a chronic physical issue. She truly is a blessing.”

I have been seeing Mechelle for regular treatments for almost two years and she has helped me through pregnancy, post-partum and now as I am trying to conceive baby number 2! She has treated me for everything from muscle pain to stress and anxiety with great success! Seeing her is part of my regular wellness routine. Mechelle also offers herb recommendations and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to treatment. Plus, her incorporation of cupping and massage makes my regular treatments feel more like a treat!
— C.K.

“I am so thankful for Mechelle and all the holistic advice and guidance and for connecting me with my uterus - the Mercier massage was key and truly life changing for me. I was able to conceive with one of only two eggs retrieved during my only IVF procedure (this is pretty unheard of) which were very high quality due in large part to the fine-tuned nutrition, supplements, and womb massage and other holistic therapies applied to my body 7 months prior to the procedure. The one egg that implanted split resulting in 2 beautiful baby girls! My heart is so full!”
– M.T.


“My first child was born via emergency c-section, which was quite violent and left me with interuterine scarring and constant painful pelvic cramps. Additionally, I've been experiencing secondary infertility. I began seeing Mechelle about a half a year ago after my acupuncturist recommended I seek Mechelle's Mercier Therapy. The therapy is meant to, among other things, increase blood flow to the pelvic organs.  Since beginning the therapy my fertility doctor and I have seen positive changes such as more regular cycles and increased follicular growth.  The scarring (which I had to have surgically removed) has not returned. In addition to the fertility benefits, the treatment itself is wonderful.  While some of the pelvic massage can be a bit uncomfortable, after the treatment I feel such increased mobility. The painful cramps are permanently gone.  I also have had past injuries to my lower back. Mechelle's treatment addresses areas of tightness and pain in my back, hips and legs. My husband and I have taken to calling her the "miracle woman" because after a session I feel such relief from that chronic pain, and I even feel taller!  My fertility journey is still ongoing, and I'm pleased to have Mechelle's support along the way. Whether we are able to conceive to not, I plan on continuing to see Mechelle for the amazing relief her bodywork provides to my years-old back injuries and pain. I highly recommend Mechelle Greenspan!”
– C.L.

"I started seeing Mechelle around 35 weeks of pregnancy. My knees and joints were killing me, and I wanted to prepare myself for my unmedicated natural birth. Previously in my life, I'd had acupuncture for other ailments, and just never really enjoyed the experience, so I was a bit hesitant.  Mechelle totally changed my perception of acupuncture! Her treatments really helped my pain, and gave me much-needed space and time to relax my uncomfortably pregnant self. The very last treatment I had was two days before I gave birth, and I could tell it was a powerful treatment! I was in very early labor, wanting things to move along, and my baby definitely felt the energy shift too. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to experience Mechelle's wealth of knowledge and expertise, especially during such a special time in my life!"
– M.K.

True believer! Dr. Greenspan has made me a true believer in the healing science of acupuncture. During my pregnancy and after many trips to my doctor and ENT, acupuncture was the only thing cleared my sinuses, giving me the ability to breathe again. Upon my first visit, I was almost in tears, as acupuncture was my last hope and being a first timer to acupuncture, I wasn’t sure if it would work for me, after all- nothing else had! Within 36 hours of my first appointment, my sinuses cleared. I continued my treatments with Dr. Greenspan and my sinuses stayed clear throughout the rest of my pregnancy with little to no allergy medicine needed after my treatments. I only wish I had found her sooner than my third trimester. Now, my daughter is here and I’m still seeing Dr. Greenspan!”
— M.C.