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At Sacred Fortune, we consider it our highest privilege to provide your ultimate creative center - your womb space - with the caring attention it needs to help restore its connection and grace.

Our Pelvic Health Offering combines Eastern Medicine, Gyno Pelvic Visceral Manipulation, Mercier Therapy, Aroma Point Therapy and Womb Massage, in a unique hybrid therapy designed to increase blood flow and regulate hormones by boosting the supply of oxygen and nutrients to reproductive structures and the pelvic area. 


Areas of Treatment

This highly-specialized treatment helps reconnect you to your pelvis and reproductive structures, making it an ideal therapy for a wide range of womb-related concerns. Many of our clients report experiencing a sense of release, as these areas often carry emotional, physical and societal trauma that can cause disassociation and pain.

Additional benefits include: a reduction in adhesions, scar tissue, and abdominal tension and increased mobility in the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, hips and back.

Caring Support

Women of all reproductive ages can benefit from Sacred Fortune Pelvic Health Therapy. We support clients experiencing fertility challenges, gynecological issues, pain during intercourse, lack of sensation, trauma recovery and post surgery scarring, through their journey.

 Benefits include:

Improved Intimacy & Sexual Health

Gynecological Health

Pain Management

Fertility Support


What to expect during your experience

Dr. Mechelle Greenspan offers gentle Acupuncture and Pelvic Health treatments in a safe and comfortable environment. During your office visit we will go over your detailed health history and concerns to develop a treatment plan designed specifically to support your unique needs.


Honor Your sacred Space



Sacred Fortune Fertile Package

Individually Customized to Include the Following

Detailed Fertility and Health History Consultation - 90 min

6 Sacred Fortune Fertile Pelvic Health Therapy Sessions - 90 min

Each session may include Mercier Therapy, abdominal visceral manipulation and low back massage, acupuncture, cupping, and aroma point therapy.

Herbal, Nutritional and Lifestyle Recommendations

Monthly check ins and monitoring gynecological health until pregnant

Phone, text and email availability

Guidance and support towards fertility health care goals



Pelvic Health Package

Individually Customized to Include the Following

Health History Consultation + 4 Weekly Pelvic Health Sessions - 90 min

Sessions may include Mercier Therapy, abdominal visceral manipulation and low back massage, cupping, and aroma point therapy.

I am so thankful for Mechelle and all the holistic advice and guidance and for connecting me with my uterus - the Mercier massage was key and truly life changing for me.
— M.T.