The foundation of Sacred Fortune is grounded in Eastern Medicine, consisting of various modalities, restoring balance to nourish the Mind, Body and Spirit

Acupuncture is the key component of Eastern Medicine, involving the insertion of very thin specialized needles at specific points on the body. Each Acupuncture point corresponds to a meridian pathway which vital energy flows through and directly correlates to internal organs in the body.

The primary focus of Acupuncture is to stimulate and balance the body’s flow of energy, known as Qi. Qi needs to be in balance in order to maintain good health and wellness. When Qi is imbalanced illness and aliments can arise in the body.

A weekly or Bi-weekly protocol supports and restores full-body wellness, as research shows regular Acupuncture treatments induce changes to human physiology by instigating the release of endorphins and improving blood flow. 


Integrated Modalities

Personalized treatments may include modalities such as Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Aroma Point Therapy, Pelvic Work, Herbal Formulas, Nutrition Guidance and Lifestyle Recommendations.

Nourishing Specialty Areas

Facial Rejuvenation

Gynecological Wellness

Trauma Healing

Fertility Support

Pregnancy Support

Birth Support

Surgery Recovery

What to expect during your experience 

Dr. Mechelle Greenspan offers gentle acupuncture treatments in a warm and comfortable environment. During each office visit your health history and wellness goals will be reviewed to develop a treatment plan specifically for you. 


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Initial Acupuncture Visit

90 minutes | $175

Follow Up Acupuncture Visit

60 minutes | $135


Wellness Package

10 Acupuncture Visits | $1180

Initial Visit plus 9 Weekly Acupuncture Visits

Herbal and Nutritional Counseling

Phone, text and email availability

Guidance towards health care goals


Mechelle possesses everything you would want in a holistic healer. First and foremost, she ‘really’ cares about helping people. Combined with a curious and intuitive nature, you have one exceptional practitioner.
— V.K.