Nourish Your Inner and Outer Beauty

At Sacred Fortune we believe that true beauty shines from the inside-out. Our nourishing Facial Rejuvenation Offerings support you to feel and look your best.

Sacred Fortune Beauty Therapy treatments combine Eastern Medicine, Facial Acupuncture, Gua Sha, Facial Massage and Cupping to optimize whole-body wellness. By increasing blood flow, elasticity and overall hydration, this unique holistic treatment leaves you with vibrant, glowing skin. Our beauty treatments also work to stimulate your body’s own production of collagen, making them an excellent option for anyone looking for a gentle non-invasive way to create a more volumized and polished appearance naturally.



Areas of Treatment

We offer personalized treatments that address overall wellness and skin health, crows feet, frown lines, smile lines, lip volume, acne and scarring.

In addition, targeted treatments are available for cellulite and firming on those areas that need a little extra TLC.

What to expect during your experience

Dr. Mechelle Greenspan offers gentle Acupuncture and Facial treatments in a safe and comfortable environment. During your office visit we will go over your detailed health history and concerns to develop a treatment plan designed specifically to support your unique needs.





Beauty Therapy Treatment

 Initial Visit – 90 min | $200


Complete Facial Rejuvenation Package

12 sessions (to be completed within 12 weeks) | $1575

Full body treatment

Melts away stress and habitual emotion lines on face

Full body relaxation

Get in touch with inner beauty

Increase of collagen production

Reduce puffiness and fine lines

Improves hormonal balance


Booster sessions

90 min | $150

After the Initial 12 sessions, can be monthly or seasonally

True believer! Dr. Greenspan has made me a true believer in the healing science of acupuncture.
— M.M.